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About Us

Nae Creations started in the summer of July 2020 by officially becoming an online jewelry store. The CEO most commonly known as Nae started Nae Creations with one goal in mind, making the people she cares about happy through her craftsmanship. By putting hard work and creativity in her handcrafted quality creations she hopes to spread nothing but abundance to everyone she reaches. 


“Nae Creations isn’t about selling products or making jewelry. It’s really about the people I meet, I just want to make people feel comfortable in their own skin! That right there is what Nae Creations is about!” 

Taneé and Mimi, VP of Nae Creations, joined as partners before the launching of Nae Creations' infamous summer line. With their combined efforts they wish to reach as many people as they can with the infinite love they have! As a black-owned and women-led brand, Nae Creations inspires you to give back and even reach out by joining our email list or contacting us on our contact page.


Meet the Team



Taneé's passion for spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness has lead her to Florida International University where she will graduate with her Bachelor's in Science. Her knowledge in spiritual wellness inspired her to start Nae Creations where she can creatively express herself while making people happy and aligned.


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Mimi is a student studying International Business and Marketing at Florida International University. Her passion and determination to make the world a better place has led her to partner with Nae Creations. Besides this brand, Mimi also runs two nonprofits along with a brand marketing company. 


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Nae Creations has become what it is with the efforts of our lovely Ambassadors, VP, and CEO. Together we make a family and continue to spread the love and give back to our neighbors. 


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