Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Dear, Beautiful Girls

I write this letter to initiate the start of new beginnings. Better days, happier times, and worthy people. I want to share my knowledge to those girls like me. Those girls who believed that their nose were to wide or narrow, those same girls who swore they were too flabby in their abdominal area, or maybe they even thought that because of what they looked like they just wasn't good enough. I call all of you out to tell you that you are worthy. Even if i don't know who you are, i know you are worthy in my very own eyes. It's hard trying to get up after a fall with no help, it's extremely difficult when you pushed yourself. Fortunately, I'm here to help no matter what circumstance. I want to reassure you that (although i'm one person) I'm here to give. I want to give my love to you and help heal your soul if you're going through a rough time in your life.

Baby girl, life is not EASY but it's not impossible. That feeling of unsatisfactory in yourself bleeds into your life and can drown you. There is hope, you will get up, you will rise to your victory. Don't bash talk yourself, whats the purpose? What do you get out of that? nothing. The constant nagging at your features (at least from yourself) is in your control to stop. Regardless of where the message came from, at the end of the day you are still you, and that you should always strive to be. There is a light in everyone that anyone can achieve with faith in themselves.

No matter what shape, color, size, height, ethnicity, and religion you are BREATHTAKING. Believe that whole heartily, when you do don't lose yourself. You can not lose yourself to the waves of conformists (IG trends etc). We live in a time where girls as young as 8 believe that they are too fat or need a 5 year relationship. Please understand that you are one person that can never be emotionally replaced no matter how difficult it may seem to understand. You are so unique that not even the type of person you are can be replicated. So, take pride in yourself and stomp on any who dares to challenge you.

"The light can eliminate the dark, but the dark can't eliminate the light" ( Bertoldi p.45).

Shine bright so that no one will ever take that away from you

Sincerely, naé

The horizon will always come therefore, victory is guaranteed

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