Feminine Hygiene TIPS

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Feminine Hygiene, the personal care of our other lady parts, lol. It is important that us females take care of our sensitive lower half. Now of days young girls aren't exactly educated on the appropriate procedures in order to stay clean. So here's my tips on how to stay fresh!

Keeping clean

1. Keep wipes

It's very important that throughout your day you wipe down yourself during your bathroom breaks. Use unscented wipes in order to keep your health on track It's said that moisture build up down there can lead to an odor and most importantly a messed up pH balance. Vaginal pH is the measure of how acidic we are. When the pH is not balance, feminine odor and discomfort are very likely to occur. It's most recommend to use wipes during our periods!

2. Wear proper panties

Underwear can seriously affect your vaginal health. The most recommend underwear are breathable fabrics. Like I mentioned before the build up of moisture is no good, tight underwear only locks it in. It is known to cause yeast infections, that include burning, itching, and thick white discharge.

Instead rock a cotton underwear for a while, or forever. Keep in mind that fabrics like polyester and lace are more likely to irritate your vaginal area.

3. Water

I stated water because you need to not only drink lots of water but wash with water too. I know what you're thinking washing yourself with only water sounds disgusting but hear me out. Water is the only solution that won't drive your pH off the road. Body washes and soaps can affect your pH. So why not wash with any at all, down there at least. Please understand that the rest of your body parts need soap.

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