Healing ones heart

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Although your heart doesn't literally ache, it feels that way. In most cases it feels that way when you lose somebody you once thought was special and is now meaningless. Someone who views you as nothing, just a forgotten memory. I've been there before plenty of times, it's pitiful. Or maybe your heart aches because someone just wasn't meant to be. There are many situations that can lead to a heart ache. I'm not gonna lie, it hurts. It feels like you almost have a pulse dragging you down with every step. Fortunately, i'm pleased to tell you it's not the end of the world. I can proudly say I'm independent and free of followers. Although those people or that situation made your heart ache it WILL NOT LAST FOREVER. I had to tell myself that to let go of the pain.

Nothing lasts forever, its beautiful. I will not last forever, therefore an ache wont last either. Who you thought was your world wasn't even close to your ultimate reality ("The Bigger Picture").Please stay strong if you are going through a breakup of any kind (romantic or not) . Understand that you are still the baddest with or without anyone. Understand the importance of who you are as a person. Remember your purpose and keep it pushing. Before you know it you'd already climbed the mountain twice before they could reach the top.

One thing that was important in my realization is the understanding of the lesson that they thought. Everyone you will ever meet teaches you something that you will carry for the rest of your life. It's your mission to learn from that and not go through it again. For example, I've realized the imbalance of giving, but with the proper knowledge i correlated that to my relationship with God. I wasn't giving to God, yet I was always willing to receive from him. Which in my analysis, was the parallelism in my life. Hence, look at the tools in front of you. Analyze the significance of the issue or occurrence; then grow from the newfound knowledge.

A heart ache should never block or a drag you from reaching places. Try to maintain that concept of the limited time. We got one life, one heart ache or constant heart aches shouldn't kill our vibe, it should only make us stronger.

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