Love song

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

You have to start loving yourself. I speak my words into existence so that it can exist. I am human. I am not perfect. I am a sinner. And I say that with pride. My flaws make me who I am. If it wasn't for my perfect imperfections I wouldn't be Naé. When I step into a building I don't care to see who turns their head. Instead when I step up in a building, I step with confidence. I step in with the power that is invested in my soul.

Love is so great when you've learned how to love yourself. I cannot say I truly love myself 100 percent. I don't hate myself but I can be insecure. I am working on reaching that 100 percent. Right now I'm at 80 percent and I know I can get there. Since I'm invested not only in the Almighty but in myself, my life will be as peaceful and as stress-free as it can possibly be. And I know what you're thinking you probably think that's crazy. It is crazy but life isn't normal, life is beyond that. Anything can happen as long as you go for what you want because you will receive what you need. I use my words and sometimes my actions aren't loud enough to step over my words. I understand that I can be harsh not only to myself but to the people around me. That's because I did it to myself. Constantly in life I've been seeking for somebody to sweep me off my feet and love me for myself and not leave me.

Truth be told that only exists within myself. Only I can be there for myself to fall madly in love with who I am. There is no need to be dependent on an individual that can provide me with the same ideals that I am supposed to give to myself. I'm a independent force in the field of grey. You always got to keep moving forward. If I keep moving so do you. Stay sui and love yourself!

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