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Similar to the Rose Gold set of 3, this set is its alternative in silver. It provide. flashy yet classy approach to help you stand out any where! 


In this set it includes...

  • One Silver Crown Bracelet
  • One Buddha Bracelet
  • One Silver Panther Bracelet


It's important to note that this set includes Hematite which is known for its grounding and protection properties. For more information on Hematite click the link below or contact us by using our contact page.




Silver Set of 3

$70.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
  • Since this item contains a crystal it’s highly recommended you maintain the crystal by praying over it, saging it or charging it with the moon’s energy.To find more information about the overall care of crystals be sure to head over to the home page where there are videos and links provided to teach you more about your creation!